Payment for a new property

I am about to delete my properties as I don't seem to be able to find a solution to my issue.

I listed 2 properties and want Booking.com to handle to credit card payments. I rang during the listing process to see if I had set it up correctly and was informed by someone on the phone that someone from Booking would be in touch to finalise the payments process. No one contacted me so I rang back and was informed that I need to put the properties on "Cash only" payments for 60 days.

No one carries that much cash!

I understand it is a fraud protection, but why can't booking just hold onto the payment until the guest has checked -in and there are no issues? Or at least not pass the credit card details through to my software until the guest has check-in

Now I have 2 bookings but no way to charge the guest. Any ideas? I have emailed via Booking messages but no one is responding. Thanks