Payments by guests

We have recently joined booking.com -(We have owned the Pub since 1995 and had a tenant from March17 to 3rd Nov 2020 who used Booking.com ) we have come back out of retirement to take up the Reins and have put our Brewhouse Apartment  with booking.com.

What happens if a guest leaves without paying ( we had a guest show up who said he had already paid - he had only given his card details for confirmation at time of booking ) I took it at face value but it was resolved - But what happens if he had left without paying


Also - no shows - how do you charge.


We only have a sumup card machine so the card holder has to be present.

Would we need to get a CNP capable machine to handle these situations.


Probably silly questions but we are new


Thank you carole

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Isle of Wight … 2 years ago

Why would you let a guest even arrive without paying in the first place? They can't do that through AirBnB, so why would you let them do it through Booking.com??

Set up Payments by Booking.com in your Extranet. Make the bookings non-refundable. Job done.

Carole Bayfield 2 years ago

Ok Thank you.

We have free cancellation up to 24hrs in advance ( which is the way we have always booked.) Especially since Covid.


We have travelled extensively in Europe and always have free cancellation and have always paid when we have checked out - never in advance. 

Thanks for your input.