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Dear Bookings.com!

why are guests allowed to self book without checking in with me first?

the other sites gives me the option to approve or NOT when guests are inquiring. We don’t like or want “instant booking.

also, a guest Insaf Seeman self booked but those dates were blocked but your calendar did not show it. Please reimburse this mans money, we don’t appreciate people just book without contacting us first to make sure there is no issues. The dates he requested had booked 10 minutes earlier by someone else from a different site, and calendar had not enough time to synchronize 

please readjust your way of sending guests our way without notifying us first,to avoid double bookings. Thank you beforehand. Peter Johnsson 

BrookAve 3 years ago



Hi Jan,


Reminder this is Partner Hub Community , not BdC support Team.


  • Auto Confirmed Bookings

    This has always been the way and part of the terms. Once you have everything setup correctly, and not relying on iCAL sync for 2 or more OTA, you shouldnt get overbookings. Always use a Channel Manager to do that instead.
  • Refunds and Cancelations

    If the guest submits a cancellation request or you get an over booking, message the guest to say you will cancel and by doing so any prepayment  received by BdC on your behalf (Payments by Booking), is then auto refunded, once the guest clicks agree on the notification.

    The cancel and refund notification is triggered only once you click on Request To cancel and chose option 2.

    However if the Guest has initiates the cancelation you get a notification and option to waive cancelation fee, so think before you click on anything if you want to waive the penalty fee or not.
  • Manual Confirmation by Partner will not be a feature anytime soon.

    The nature of the business model of BdC  for getting Guests for partners is such that this will likely never be a feature.


You really should have read everything before signing up.



Kind Regards


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