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probelsm listing my property

hello everyone,

I have just spent the last 3 days trying to sort out my property on Now that it's all done it says 

Closed/Not Bookable? Can someone help me out please as CS will not help me and tell me to talk with Partner? I called them and was told they cannot do anything for me so can someone please tell me who is responsable in helping new staters many thanx



BrookAve 3 years ago CS will not help me and tell me to talk with Partner?


What!?!  Theres no way a member of BdC staff would be soo stupid to tell you to go ask another partner for help instead of helping. If they did they need to be reported.

Submit a complaint


Also there is no such thing as "who is responsible in helping new staters ".

There' s only one person responsible, YOU, by reading the Help Guides under Partner Help such as :Your first steps with


After that you can then post queries or view previous related topics, by other partners.


Example : clicking on my name will reveal all my topics and guides I have created, in order of latest to oldest.


Kind Regards


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darren simpson 3 years ago

Ok i understand it's me. But when i have a problem and i see so many others having the same problem and yet there not getting help what els are we ment to do? I send inbox message, call helpline and call CS and no one can help i mean whats going on? 


3 years ago

Hello, darren simpson! Welcome to the Partner Community, and thanks for posting. I'm not sure what exactly you've been told by CS, but if you feel like leaving a complaint, please use the link BrookAve shared with you.

As for the property listing. Please make sure you completed all the necessary first steps to get your property online and bookable. You can find more details here: Because it looks like something is missing.

If you need other fellow partners' help, please ask your question in the community in a respectful way. Many of them have got years of experience and can share many excellent tips with you. :)  

BrookAve 3 years ago


When you say call CS are you referring to Guest CS ?

As partners are not really meant to call the Guest CS phone number , only the partner one in the Extranet

Which country  BdC support team did you ring  i.e. what country code was on the phone number?



Normally ,yes you at least try to find a guide under Partner Help, then use search.


After that if not urgent and not related to finance then Start a conversation


If urgent then call or message  BdC support team


I have spent alot of time doing my own guides, with images and lately animated GIFs, so click on my name to see them.

On the topic of Closed/Not Bookable, as you have not already mentioned it i'm going to ask , did you receive a letter by post with a verify code?


and did you use it to go Live ?


If no then thats what you need to chase first with BdC support, and canbe up to 5 weeks to receive it, at which point if not arrived, Phone them to arrange alternative method.


If you did receive it and did enter the code, then open the calendar in List view and check the Status of each Room Type .


If closed set to Open.


Kind Regards



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darren simpson 3 years ago

Im still waiting for the Code still but its only been a week so i will wait for abit longer. I really appreciate your help and fast reply with this.