Problem with no-shows

 Hello all from booking.com.

I have few guest's they didn't show - "no-shows".

I am also working with AirBnB, and I didn't have this problem there.

In booking.com I don't have posibility to charge guest's if they didn't show.

I know with my experience when the guset's will not shows. When I send them 

message, they don't answer, I call to his phone, they also don't answer ... and in this

situation, it will be very helpfull that we have, as host, to have posibility to pre approval

the reservation. Is this any chance to make that fature in booking.com platform?

Joebrincat1 5 years ago

Hello all,

I changed a reservation by mistake as ' No show ' ( after client check-out ), how can I change it again to as 'Show'? Thanks