Property appears as not listed through view property listing even though the property is already listed

Hi there,

I listed my property a couple of days ago, but when I go to view your property listing and come to your page on the web I see the following message: Villa Dalima Bonaire isn’t bookable on our site anymore, but we found some great alternatives for you in Kralendijk! Is there a reason why? Is the property not listed? Please advise.

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Villa Dalima

please share the full URL to your listing and add it to your profile also.


I did a quick search and found this as the url : 



Assuming this is you, Hi Lieke and David.


So the usual suspect is how the calendar and promotions are setup.


  • Open the calendar in List view,
  • Now expand all the rate plans and promotions to the left to see their rows.
  • Check things like minimum length of stay.


So example some one searches for 2 nights but the rate plan has min. of 3 nights set.

Maybe only some rates are tied to only some rooms and not all.



I just picked random lengths and dates on your listing to test it, and all come back unavailable.


Did you perhaps mark all room types on calendar as closed?



Kind Regards,