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Good morning to whom it may concern,


basically looking for advice please. I have recently registered our apartment on Bookings.com however i am having difficulty with the 'Confirm your property address ' basically it says a letter will be sent to our property which contains a unique 4 digit code which i then have to log in with. However my problem is that the property in question will be empty until June of this year and i am anxious to get the advert live on Bookings.com as soon as possible. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance


BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Phil,


I am assuming you are not near it as its unclear where you versus it is.


Is there a mail redirection service?

Could you get someone to check for mail?

They could WhatsApp image of the post to you or sms the code


Kind regards

Phil Higley 3 years ago

Good morning Community Admin, so are you saying i will be unable to post my apartment on the Bookings.com website because of none property verification. Has i have stated previously the property will remain empty for the foreseeable future due mainly to the Corona virus. I have however recently e-mailed a utility bill for our property dated as recently as February 2020, surely this is sufficient proof to verify the property location. Your thoughts would be most welcome.

Regards Phil.

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Community Admin 3 years ago

Hi Phil Higley! Unfortunately, it is not possible to skip the property address verification process. Please consider solutions posted above by other partners:

- is it possible to redirect all mails to your current address? (you can contact your local postal services for more information);

- can someone else pick up the letter and then pass it to you? (neighbors, relatives);

- the letter will be delivered in approximately 15 days (if the address is registered correctly), is it possible for you to visit the property and pick up the letter?


In the situations where our partners are not able to receive a physical letter, we might exceptionally offer a verification by a video call. But I am understanding from your messages, that this is also not an option (as you have to be at the property). In this case, options mentioned above could be a great solution.


Best regards!