publish a new house without connecting to a Channel Manager


Hi everyone!

I just finished updating my booking.com profile and added my beach house, with all pics, descriptions and features. When I want to publish the house on booking, I see the publish button is not active (color grey), and looks like I have to connect my property to a Channel Manager, which I don't use, as it is my first property to be published and Booking is the first channel I use. 

Would it be possible to publish my property without connecting to a Channel Manager? 

Some owners told me its weird because they have their properties published but never were forced to connect their account to a channel manager. Do you think I should change something in my profile in order to be able to publish my property?

See below the picture of the screen where I cannot hit the publish button. It's in Spanish, but I think it's quite clear for everyone...

Thanks a lot for your help!



Juliet Kissiti 1 year ago

I  also have the same problem , what is the solution?

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Didem - Commun… 1 year ago


Hi Jaume Llagostera, hi Juliet Kissiti,


It's my pleasure if I can help!


I'd like share these articles which may be useful to you in this case:


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2. How can I easily set up my property?

3. Syncing your Booking.com calendar to third-party calendars


Otherwise, please feel free to contact our support team by calling them or sending a message via your extranet inbox, and they can check your properties in detail and advice accordingly.