put my house on b.com site today.. it says house is no longer listed

Hi Please help today i have just listed with booking and all was well house went live ,however if I try to book house it says house is no longer on this site..please need it sorted or shall I remove house now

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Anthony Evans


If you only registered today then you will not be fully live and should intentionally block all bookings so as to give you time to get fully setup.

Many new partners have been caught out with bookings before they were truly ready to go live. Something to bear in mind.


I'm assuming you are also awaiting on the Verify Code by letter to arrive in post.


I reccommend blocking the next 7 days to get familiar with Extranet and pulse mobile app.

  • Set up Room types
  • Setup Rate Plans and map to some or all room setc.
  • Setup Policies, cancelation policy, etc
  • Setup Photos, Fine Print, Q&A; Facilities & Services etc.


Also message BdC support and request "Enable all extended fields for Calendar List View".





Kind regards


BdC Support : Extranet - Location of Partner Only Phone number and Message methods

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