Question about apartment capacity


I have a property on Booking.com and it can host up to 8 people. I have this in my control panel at "How many guests can stay at this apartment?", but when I go to my calendar or try to make a reservation, booking only stays 6 as the number of people that can stay at the apartment.

I have a 2 bedroom apartment, where up to 6 people can sleep in beds, and a living room with a bed-sofa that can become like two separate bed so 2 people can stay in the living room (it is common to have big groups of young people who just want a place to crash and spend all day in the beach, they even bring more people with no bed space for them without telling us). 

My question is, how can I make my property show 8 people capacity instead of six?


Thank you in advance!

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Aaltje B. 3 years ago

Hi Joana


You may be able to take photos of your 8 beds and also describe it as an extra. If the beds have different color covers then it will be easy to see. 

Other then that, you may have to ring for help or ask a question via the inbox. 

Hope this helps, 


Aaltje B.