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Hello, How do I correct the rate for one guest staying in the twin room? Best regards Henriette

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Henriette


Please elaborate more about your room setup, like are you only charging per room , or by occupancy.



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Are you trying to make the room cost cheaper if its booked for one person?


Search for occupancy based rates . or phone BdC Support 


If you just want to do a partial refund for a prepaid rate on a twin room chosen by the Guest. It would be simpler to just directly :

  • Offer credit for services for the value of the difference while they stay.
  • Offer a cashback refund on check -in etc.
  • plenty of ways to offer it on arrival in many forms.


If it was prepaid to BdC on your behalf i.e Paymertns by BdC , then you could try message support to alter the cost and say please partially refund this amount to the guest.


Extranet > Inbox > booking Messages, click See Contact options.

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Please do partial refund to guest of x amount for booking X, which is still valid. Due to single occupancy.


Kind Regards

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