rates on dasboard do not match preview rates

I have created new property for rent. I found out that rates I enter on dashboard do not match rates the potential customer can see. 

Here are the rates I have added on Calendar and Pricing section:

Here is what the user can see:

Rates do not match. How can I solve this problem? 


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Leandri Klopper 5 years ago

Hi there,

Thanks for your detailed post!

I was waiting to comment to see if one of our other partners could maybe assist you but it seems they are all scurrying around with the Peak Season.

Maybe it's time to give Booking.com a call regarding this. I unfortunately have no clue why it looks like that. Sorry!

Best of luck!

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fluff 5 years ago

I don't use this feature but I think I can see what's going on.

Your standard rate is set at full occupation of 12pax.

Your other rates are set to subtract a given amount per pax less. However, you have set a total price for each number pax. For 11pax the system is subtracting 11pax total price instead of 1pax less.

You need to edit your pax rates so that only one pax is subtracted each time.

Standard Rate (12pax) 180

11pax is -15 = 165

10pax is -30 = 150


At least that is my best guess.

Samkent122 4 years ago

The entire system need to be reworked on Booking.com. It lists the wrong rates. It quotes the wrong tax. Access to corrections is denied. Their programmer(s) is/are totally incompetent.