re: Address confirmation in Batumi Georgia - Dante Sammarelli


I've started renting a large flat in Batumi Georgia and have permission by the landlord to sublet the space as a business.

However, since the building is still undergoing modifications to the lobby area there are no mailboxes available at present and there is an obvious language barrier which may lead to some difficulty coordinating with the landlord.

Is is possible to do some type of video verification that includes IDs and a live conversation with a booking.com representative to confirm my address instead of having to mail over a confirmation form?

Appreciate all the help,




BrookAve 4 years ago


Hi Dante,


Yes I have heard of some phoning support team to arrange other methods. 

I got the impression it is limited by country.

Also remove all reference to landlord, don't share unnecessary info like that with anyone.

Not sure why the landlord and coordination have anything to do  with it.

They should not. Keep it simple.


Kind regards