receiving payments for the first time

I am completely confused. The letter has not arrived yet with the code, so I understood that I would have to collect the credit card payment from my guest - however, the reservation shows (in green) RECEIVED and then goes on to say that I don't have permission to view the credit card details.

Has it been paid? I hadn't set up prepayment. BDC has my bank details, so will the funds be transferred to me directly?

In addition to this, despite filling out that the apartment was under a Limited Company's name, I see in the finance tab (invoices) that it has it down as 'Individual Entrepeneur' followed by my name. How can I change this?

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pibomarco 3 years ago

Do you accept only cash as a payment method? This may be the reason that CC details are not visible.  


Booking.com collects payments in your behalf only if you selected feature "Payments by Booking.com" Extranet -> Finance -> Getting paid.


To change the Company name send a message to Booking.com via extranet with this request. 


KAREN GIBSON 3 years ago

Hi, thanks. I called in the end and have the payment sorted.. it’s because I’m new and they haven’t send the verification code yet too. I’ll message them re the business name. 

My main issue the the difficulty in finding the information on the extranet. Sorted now though.

Thanks again