Registering my property

I am trying to register my property and need help

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Hi Christine, 

If you are a brand new partner, you will need to follow the steps in our sign-up page. You'll also be able to set up your extranet login and password during registration.


After this, we will review your registration to check that we have all the information we need. You will then be able to access the extranet, update your calendar and adjust any other details. When you're ready, you can set your property live on the website. 


*If you’ve worked with us before or previously started but not completed a registration using a specific email address, we’ll send login details for the Booking.com admin dashboard (the ‘extranet’) and a link to create your personal password to that same email address after we review your new registration.


Registering your property

To register a single property, we just need:

  1. Your property details (including facilities, rooms, etc.).
  2. Photos: you only need one to get started! You can add more later.
  3. Payment details.
  4. A signed Booking.com agreement (completed at the end of the registration).


Have you already started registering?

*If you started your registration and want to pick up where you left off, go to our sign-up page. Click ‘Continue your registration’ and type in the email address you provided the first time around. We’ll email you a link so that you can finish the process.


Reviewing your registration

Once you submit your registration, we’ll review it and send you a confirmation email with a unique login name.

You’ll also get an email with a link to create your personal password.

You’ll then be able to access your admin dashboard (the extranet), where you can check and update all your property details at any time, including reservations, rates and availability and payment information.


If you’ve signed up but haven’t yet heard from us, don’t worry — we’re still reviewing your information and will be in touch soon.


If you need us again, we're always here.


Tiffany L.

Booking.com Partner Services