Registering new property - Immediately Open for Bookings

Hi all,

My friend asked me to register their house on Booking.com. However, I noticed that the steps are very much different compared to when I register the guesthouse.

At the end of the process of registering, there is an option for "Open for bookings". Does it mean it will immediately get booking right away? I tried to click "I'm not ready" but always fail due to the pin map although the map is already correct.

When I registered the guesthouse, the option to get the property live is in the extranet, not when registering the property.

There is even no option for payment yet so far, so I'm afraid to get it live. Anybody has experienced this before? When will I get access to the extranet?


final step of registration



BrookAve 4 years ago





Its very simple , open the Calendar and either use open/close to close availability or update inventory to 0.


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