Registration code not arrivingdxx

No code has arrived waiting for month and half

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Thuild - Your … 4 years ago

Dear Alan,

Ask and call BDC to sort this out for you by sending it via courier.

The issue is that in many countries, the postal service is so bad that they lose the mail. That might have happened to you.

I got mine quite fast and without hassles, even though our postal service is not the worst, but they surely don't lose stuff that easily.

Best of luck,

Zsolt - www.thuild.com

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Katerinka12 4 years ago

Hi Alan,
What country the code was sent to?
Are you allowed to receive bookings?
You can click on "send me the code again". Only after 3 attempts Booking Might do something about it. It's important you will click that button. If you don't, they will appreciate you as irresponsible partner, who didn't verified himself, and there is nothing you can do about it (maximum - post on Internet, but that's not your goal).

Vinodmaheshwari183 4 years ago

Hello Katerinka,

as Par replay to Alan,i do Everything the "send me the code again" and if Possible to send the code on Mail.but from Last 3 Months i do not Register my Hotel because of Code which one is sent to our Property Address.

Please Solve the Matter.

Vinod Maheshwari


Wildwestgua 4 years ago

I have no code as there is no mail service in Guatemala?????