Reopening Property PROBLEM - Closed/Not bookable

Hi guys

so 11 days ago, 9 working days, I signed a new booking.com agreement, the property had been previously closed. I was told that after this the property would be open/bookable in at the most 2-3 working days. This has long since past. No matter how many times I call Partner support, nobody is able to assist, and they offer just to send off a message to the 'Local Office', this has been done several times, yet I have not seen or heard a thing.

The property is with ID 2369310 and it is in Cyprus, so I believe the managing office is in Greece.

Any advice?


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Robert Swanson 4 years ago

Hi Dale,

Could you help me please, I am trying to list a property in Northern Cyprus but system will not recognize any postcodes? I have also had a property blocked before and received very little, in fact, no support from booking.com whatsoever!