Rooms vs whole property

Hello everyone,

I have just joined. We have a vacation house in the belgian ardennes with 3 rooms ans 2 bathroom. As the the house is not a hotel, when rent the whole house to anyone, from 1 person up to 6. So if I have a booking, I want to have 0 room available for that period, irrespective if 1 person books or 6. 

But as far I see so far, with booking.com I can only sell "rooms". 

Is there a way to make 0 rooms available as soon I get a booking (even if it's booking from 1 guest only). Because I can't rent out to 2 or more groups of guests at the same time.

I hope I express myself clearly.

Thanks for your help



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Isle of Wight … 3 years ago

Hi Marc, yes, very clear!

Our properties are the same - we rent out the entire property, whether it's 1 person or 8.

Apparently, Booking.com was set up for hotels - properties with multiple rooms to rent in the same building - and this is why it can be confusing to set up for entire homes.

In your Extranet, go to Property > Property Layout. You should see a photo from your listing. Below this it will have the occupancy and "Number of this type", which should be 1.

If it is not 1, click the Edit button and change the setting for "Number of rooms of this type" to 1.

If you later add another property, do this as a completely new listing.


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B&B USA 3 years ago

Call booking and ask then to change you to whole house.  You will lose your reviews and have to start over, but you will make more in the end. Why would you sell yourself short and close the entire house for a single room price? I have three rooms and one bathroom, You can book me as a whole house, or a single room. When the whole house books I block the rooms. Do not put your biase on your guests. Some people don't mind. My people don't mind because it is stated and my prices are reasonable. You should keep all of your options open. Why would you give entire house for a single room price? You can set up your listing for only whole house and drop the price if you get  fewer guests.  LIke I am 199 for whole house six people and 149 for two people.

Marc Elsen 3 years ago

Aaaah.....I see !


Excellent ! Thank you very much !!



wale kunleawolesi 3 months ago

Good day please my name ia wale.i have been so stressed out with my listings,i have a nice fabulous apartnent.2 rooms in 1 apartnent and i make it 2 rooms,1 room for 2 guest.but i noticed anytime people want to book,soon as they see shared bathroom,it puts them off,what do you think i should do please as am tryina consider a single person that may want to book for a lower amount and while some can afford big amount,so for this drama,its making bioking very low on my page,do you think its best i make it whole apartnent to rent and no share or what do i do?my number is 07508 473349 please if you dont mind contact.thanks