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Sending HTML formatted texts to guest's email address?

Hi all,

I am wondering about sending HTML formatted texts to guest's email addresses ending with There does not seem to be any information on the forums or in the help section about this. I have a channel manager that sends out automatic email schedule but in HTML formatted texts only.

How will the guests see the content?

Does this mean I have to send it manually or use the scheduler provided in the pulse app or the extranet?

Thanks heaps

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Thuild - Your … 5 years ago

Dear Mark,

I have tested this with one of my guests and you can send anything in any format as an e-mail because that is just a routing address for their registered e-mail with BDC.

They will get the same thing you send them.

My PMS also has automatic e-mails that are being sent to them. Fortunately they are in TXT format only to ensure that everyone gets it correctly. Because some company e-mail addresses will not allow the employee to receive HTML format. So be careful with business bookings.

Best regards,

Zsolt -

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Markwienands 5 years ago

Ahh that's a very good point. I think I will stick to unformatted texts if possible.