Service please??

Hi all,

We are new on booking with our new property and listed somewhere in feb. Booking.com sent us a message feb 20th  that our location needed to be verified. Week later they blocked our property (small holiday home in our garden) 

They have fixed our address before (we made an error not stating housenumber) and fixed some other request but somehow we spent our service quotum.

We have sent 4 messages, sent proof of adress, called multiple times and still the have not told us what the problem is, what we need to do for them to unblock our accomodation.

Servicedesk is simply saying: You have to wait until the verification department contacts you. This department (if it exists) does not respond at all. Also the dutch helpdesk is totally unable to help us.

In the meantime we already received guests. Our first guests were happy en rated us (always good to have happy customers) yet  booking.com still does not take any action to unblock  block us so we do not receive bookings nor receive our money from the bookings. Does anybody have had a equal experience and know how to move booking.com into helping their partners and or know the magic trick to get service from them? The product is awesome and I really would like to use their services but currently we feel totally ignored..


Thank you!

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Community Admin 3 years ago

Hi Kelly Geers! Thanks for posting in the Community!


When joining Booking.com, you need to confirm your property’s location to make sure guests can easily find it on arrival. We facilitate this by posting you a letter containing the information you need to complete the process. Once you receive your letter, it only takes 5 minutes to confirm your property location in your Booking.com extranet.


Even though you already received guests from Booking.com, we noticed that your property address was missing some important details and was just recently updated. New verification  letter was requested for you. Once received, you will be able to verify the location of your property and re-open the account.


Best regards!

Kelly Geers 3 years ago

We know the above mentioned.

But We are already waiting since February 20. Still no card/letter has been sent. We were promised latest on March 5. Nothing!  mee are loosing money this way. Also no phonecall no nothing from your side.  why is it so hard to answer the 4!!!! Emails we sent. Please don’t ignore us and just help us out