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I haven't seen but one booking in over a year and otherwise stay solidly booked on Airbnb. I don't completely understand the policies and standard vs non-refundable rates. Anyone have a chance to look and let me know what I could improve to get some bookings?

BrookAve 2 years ago


Typically Its Non Refundable versus Flexible. 


Ideally have both .

But one is the base rate for one night, even if your minimum stay is 2 nights.


Which then the other rates are linked and based on.


Then there are restrictions,  see calendar list view.

Min, max stay, 



Then consider promotions, Early bookers, last minute,  etc.


This is already documented on top in solutions 

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Jo Collinge 2 years ago

I have found the same thing.  Many bookings via Airbnb but nothing from booking.com despite multiple promotions, early booking and late booking specials etc.

I feel it is mainly due to the lack of flexibility in being able to provide a good description of our properties due to it being pre-populated by booking.com which is often misleading.