Setup a variable fee for guests.

I have added a 4 bedroom house that accommodates 8 sleeping guests. 

I want to setup a pricing system of a base price that covers the first 4 people. Every guest after the 4th person pays a fee above the base price. 


I want to setup this system for people who might book the whole house but won't be booking for 8 people. 

Eg. If one person books they'll just pay the base price 


E.g if 6 people book they'll pay the base price plus an extra fee for 2 guests


Is there a way to set that up? That's the setup I have on my Airbnb listing of the same property. 

BrookAve 4 years ago


Honestly , that's crazy and unnecessary, just do the 4 bed house either :

  1. as one unit on a per night basis for the whole unit
  2.  4 separate rooms as one room type with count of 4
  3.  4 separate rooms as separate , 4 room types., where two are Genius enabled and two are not; with the genius rooms with a minimum night count of 2; and the other two as no minimum.


From what you have said above it sounds like there no sharing with other bookings or people  so your doing yourself a disservice by limiting it like you outlined


My way maximises and increases income, on a 4 bed house.


So if group A  books for  weekend , 2 nights, but only books 1 of 4 dbl rooms, that leave 3 other groups to books potentially.

So let say the cost for the two nights for group A for one room is 150,

Now Group B & C independent book same or overlapping dates, that's another 300.

With 4th room unused. That 450  for 3 days of overlapping check-in /checkout dates over the same weekend.


The context being

Group A check in On the Friday. Out on Sunday.

Group  B checks in Thursday , out Saturday

Group C checks in Saturday and out Monday.


Self catering so they all do there own thing.



Invest in some smart home tech such as the Yale Keyless smart lock with samsung hub v3 and you can automate it remotely with preset codes.


Tendai Chikwiri 4 years ago

It's really not that crazy. The house is also listed on Airbnb. It's so much easier to setup, even a child could set it up


I don't want to have multiple groups in the house at the same time because my previous guests value being in their own space. And the layout doesn't allow form groups to share the house. 


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Isle of Wight … 4 years ago

When you want to add fees for extra guests, what you are actually doing is discounting - you are reducing your income for having fewer guests. This often creates problems because you'll get bookings for 1 person, but then 6 or 8 people come and you lose money. Lose lose lose every time.

Always offer the whole property for a single price, regardless of whether it's 1, 4 or 8 people coming.

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Isle, I like the way you think and describe why we should offer the whole property for a single price.

I have mine set up for the whole property and it works fine...

Thanks and have a nice afternoon.