Sky view apartments

Hello dear partners!

We have recently added new property on booking and we don't have the option to open it. I've seen that You ask for a verification code that will be sent to us by post. We have asked for that code on the 12th of July (it is said that we will receive it for two weeks). However, I've been to the post office, checked everything and we didn't receive the code, called Your office in Zagreb and they told me to wait. Since I haven't received the code, I asked for another one but that means that it will arrive within 14 days and that means that my property will stay closed for 14 days more!

Is there any way in which I can get that code easier and manage to open my property to be bookable???

Or can I open my property without that verification code? Please, we are in the middle of the season, which is bad anyway, and we would like to open our booking as soon as possible.

We are expecting Your answer. 

Kind regards, Sky view apartments team