Sync of AirBnB and booking - restricted to 365 days?

I imported our Apartment from AirBnB and setup iCal.

When I sync the calendars, on both directions, I notice that dates farther away than one year will not be blocked - bookings in AirBnB, not imported to Booking.

How can I setup that correctly?


thanks in advance, Jens

BrookAve 3 years ago



Please do not try to do with without using a Channel Manager.


If you continue with the direct method, you will end up with:

  • No hair left
  • Severe stress
  • severe loss of sleep
  • and god-like rage


I kid .and also not kidding, it is so not worth the distress this will cause you.


Dont be cheap get a Channel Manager service, some are free like nobeds.
Others like cloudsbeds are reasonable.


Kind Regards


PS: iCAL with any OTA is not automatic, nor instant, nor 24/7/365.


Something have to initiate it, and that can only be done externally.


Kind Regards,

A realist

Nirmala guest-house
3 years ago

Just replied to the same question in another thread, ET works fine for it for just 5$ per month.