sync calendars

I am trying to list 3 different one bedroom condos.  The condos are already listed on two other services, so syncing the calendars is essential.  I see advice to go to "calendars" and hit the sync button, but I have no button to hit.  I see that not all properties qualify to have calendars synced.  


I am not sure why my condo (I have started with listing only one of them) don't qualify for a calendar sync --- its a pretty fundamental service and in my case essential.  I must be missing something, but what?




BrookAve 4 years ago




Once the listing has a room type  with a count of greater than 1 the feature is disabled.


The workaround is to add multiple room types to represent each room instead then you can .


But the better way is to use a Channel Manager 3rd party service.



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