sync of ical calendar of accomodation with 2 month of inactivity

Hi, @all,

i am trying to register a new accomodation at booking.com and want to sync the booking.com calendar with another website. However, there is no possibility to add calendar url's. I followed these explanations https://partner.booking.com/en-us/help/rates-availability/extranet-cale… but when i open the calendar, there is no link/button "sync calendar" or "add calendar connection".

When i first opened the accomodation - perhaps two months ago, i could add the url, and there was some synchronisation done. But because of some problems, i couldn't immediately open the accomodation and now it seems that the calendar synchronisation at least in one direction is broken. So, i wanted to actualize the calendar url, but as mentioned above, there is no possibility to edit/add cal url's. 

Thanks in advance