Synchronize calendar with diffrent platforms

Hi there,


So I got my Booking property with 3 types of rooms with multiple units that can be booked.

I also got a website where you can book the same 3 types of rooms and you'll get an available room that has been assigned to that category, and I have the possibility to sync the rooms calendars with iCal between Booking.com and my website, so I don't get overbooking.

Now seems that I don't have the sync calendar feature enabled on Booking.com, they say I gotta have rooms with a maximum of 1 unit, and it seems logic because otherwise my website would not know which room has been booked and vice-versa.


Now, my question is. If I change on Booking my 3 types of rooms with multiple units system into a multiple rooms with 1 unit system, so that after my logic will sync well with my website. Will there be a possibility to show them on front-end under some category names so it won't list 20 rooms for example?


Also, I wanna sync my property with Airbnb but there's a single calendar there for all the reservations. How they can be synced with multiple rooms on Booking.com?

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Isle of Wight … 3 years ago

I have no idea about the number of rooms thing, but I do have multiple properties on multiple OTAs, and 3 of these properties are listed on Booking.com.


What I can tell you is that the Booking.com calendar sync does not work. It is broken. Sometimes it will sync, sometimes it won't. I have had many double bookings this year because of the Booking.com calendar sync not working. The calendar sync also changes settings on it's own - Booking.com support deny this. Booking.com support also tell us that calendar sync is a manual process, which defeats the purpose of having a calendar sync in the first place. And that is Booking.com logic .....


If you get your listing sorted out, you can link the calendars, but if you get a booking on one OTA, manually block those dates on the other OTAs ....