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Hi Everyone,

We have our flat on AirBnb and have just joined booking.com but I’m finding it a real struggle so I would appreciate some advice.

ive synced my calendars on both portals, but using the pulse app it does not show any of my air bnb bookings. Using Extranet it shows some of my bookings but not the most recent ones.

I’ve searched this help section for a long time and can not find any way of contacting booking.com? I’ve sent them an email a few days ago to which they didn’t reply. It says you can contact them through your inbox but that does not seem to be available in my inbox. And I cannot find any phone number.

hopefully there is a simple solution and booking.com can be easily contacted when problems such as these arrise.

we have had our first booking today from booking.com, on a date that is already booked by AirBnb

Thanks in advance for your help

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi charlotte smith


  1. calendar sync -

    simply it will not work that way ,without manual intervention.
    You need a channel manager
  2. contact via guide below



Kind regards


Extranet - Location of Partner Only Phone number and Message methods

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