Temporarily disabled non - refundable deposit

I noticed that i had no availability recently. No message from B.com nothing. 

I could not work it out and the only notice I could see was that it said they had temporarily disabled non-refundable deposits and prepayment policies. I am connected to freetobook channel manager and b.com told me to contact them. It turns out I went in to Rate Plans and noticed that the policy said non-refundable, This was what I had set as i have been getting too many cancellations and I wanted to take one nights payment for a cancellation. It had been working well and then without notice bookings stopped. 


I have changed the rate plan to 14 day flexible and my property is showing available again. 

Can anyone explain why they do this and why they do not tell you? Seems mad that they can just disbale policies without notice. 



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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Hi Mark,

Very sorry to hear that…

Very weird that this happened…

As far as I know BDC cannot change policies without our authorization!!!

Maybe you should also check with your channel manager.


Wish you well .