Terrible knowledge base and outdated instructions, trying to remove my properties form this horrible system

I have just joined booking .com to list my 3 properties, what a nightmare, 


I have made some error in the propertys name, terrible mistake as there is no way to edit or change, I have gone through the knowledge base but it keeps telling me to go to the extranet and under inbox tab try to send a message, well this tab doesnt exit!


this is the hardest thing to do and now I have decided to rather remove all 3 properties from this site, another terrible nightmare as there is no way to remove them either. 


so to sum up everything, no way to edit a property name, no what to get help or contact someone by this "inbox" tab to change it and now no way to remove or delete the properties either? what a terrible platform! 

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Jay 5 years ago

Hi Bravorox150, as a fellow 'newbie' to BDC, I appreciate how frustrating it can be initially.

If you log into your Extranet, at the top you'll see 'Inbox', if you click on that it'll be split into two options, Guest Messages, Booking.com Messages. For the latter, you can then send them a message and they aim to get back to you within 24 hours. However, it is quicker to telephone them.

I have no idea which country you're in, but there will be a number for customer services: https://www.booking.com/content/offices.en-gb.html check this link out and look for your relevant country, have your property ID number to hand when you call.

Good luck,