There is no booking via booking.com while heaps coming from other partner system

I have been partnering with booking.com almost 2 months as same period as joining air bnb and traveloka. There are number of rooming booking have come in via the last 2 operators but none from booking.com. I wonder what is going wrong . While none reserved my room via booking.com eventhough I have been following instruction as required.

Guca Trumpet F… 5 years ago

Hi Anumart,

As You could see during the registration process, Booking.com will never guarantee that they will sell Your rooms, but You don't need to worry. They will never take You any provision just for being listed. Actually, Booking.com is just service which connect travelers with You, not even selling anything, so if travelers don't like what You offer, You can't complain, but You can improve Your listings.

With many regards,

Kolonaki Hellas Travel & Tourism

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Thuild - Your … 5 years ago

Dear Anumart Saleh ,

I'm having the reverse effect. Airbnb sent me 4 bookings in 1 and half years (although they stayed long periods and everything was perfect), it just seems so little compared to the sheer numbers which came from others.

Also, you need to have a very good listing on BDC in order to get some bookings. Right now it's easier, because of all the new updates they've released.

If you think that you require a professional help, e-mail me at info.thuild@gmail.com and we can discuss more about it.

Best regards,

Zsolt - www.thuild.com