There something wrong with pin on the map

Everybody in this room, Please Help Me!


I just joined with booking.com but i cant complete the registration cause it said something wrong with pin on the maps.


Please give me a solution:(

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Leandri Klopper 4 years ago


Oh noes, that's strange. Can you see what the problem with the pin is? Maybe your property is already listed?

Can you contact Booking.com and ask them if they know what exactly the problem is so they can help. 

Or take a printscreen of the error and post it here so we can see if we recognize the error. 

Keep well. 

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Kibokoafrica 4 years ago

@Yoga it is good to double check on your excact address when you were listing your property

Reagan Reddy 4 years ago

I have the exact same issue as the original poster. 

Unable to complete registration so also unable to access the inbox to request booking dot com help. 

Please assist

Booking dot com needs a better contact us option.

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Kibokoafrica 4 years ago

According to my observation personally i believe it is high time booking.com start sending customer care contact numbers to a person in a respective particular country to easily be countering this repetitive confusion.

Azuwan bin Dol 3 years ago

Myself also facing the same issue.Did tried more than 20 times by changing the pin location and even the address..result still the same..Shall I give up from listing my property in booking ..

Delyse Wright 3 years ago

I've given up. Same issue. I've confirmed the address against google maps and it still won't let me process. Booking.com won't get my business as a result. Very poor customer service... the lack of it I should say. 

Jake Luna 27 days ago

same I have tried for many times already still can't list my property