tourist tax

Hi ,

we have just joined Booking.com to host guests. The room is advertised as home stay and we have no business registration as this is simply a house we live in.

During registration with booking.com as a partner, they are 5 questions they ask whether if we have trade commercial and VAT , and we simply answer no.


But the last two questions bother us a lot; 

the first question is 'Please choose which category applies to your property'

the second question 'What is the nature of your property? Select an option from the list below'


Can anyone help?


Many thanks.


BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Wee Ong


Simply answer the questions truthfully , there is no conspiracy, its fine for HomeStay.


Why do those questions bother you?


Just pick the closest matching category, and is nature of property is a text box, enter Home Stay and nothing else.