Trying to list on Booking.com

I just joined and I'm trying to list a timeshare for only one weekend in April.  I started the process and gave up.  Now I'm trying to go back in and I can't find the listing I started.

My issues: 1.) None of the "drop down" options seem the be appropriate for the timeshare.  2.) I couldn't figure out how to expand on the description of the resort.  3.) How can I make sure it's listed for only the one weekend.

Tanks for any help

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi greg,


1. So yes not all literal names will be ideal for your property type, but I suggest you just pick one that best matches as a whole unit.


2. Under property menu, view my description,  you can edit and submit changes. 


3. Availability,  simply bulk edit or use open close under Rstes & Availability menu to bulk edit a range of dates to close for the nest 12 months. Then selectively enable those dates you want it bookable. 


I.e. inverse availability 


Kind regards