Two users and wrong description

Hi I have two issues which I cant fix:

1. It seems  I have the wrong description of the property - its about restaurant .- I dont have one at the property, and I dont have any idea how the reataurant even came in description. I updated Facilities & Services, but still no changes...

2. I enteres one use and finish registration, but also have one user before where I didnt finished registration.  Both have same emails it seems, so I receive anoying emails to finished registration...

Help please... Thank you


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Community Admin 3 years ago

Hello Vilana! Thank you for your post in the Community! With regards to your description, you need to wait at least 48 hours before the changes you have made are reflected to your description. In case they do not show after 48 hours you need to contact us via the "Inbox" in your Extranet. With regards to the multiple registrations, you need again to contacts us via the Inbox in order to properly investigate and deactivate a duplicate registration on your behalf. I hope the information is helpful for you! Best of luck! 

Vilana 3 years ago

Thank you


What about two accounts 1. completed and OK, second want to delete - they hvae the same email...