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Unable to answer / confirm booking requests


I have created my announce: Un jour à Banyuls - 9072209

Immediately I received guests' booking request - when I signed in Pulse or Extranet account I have not found any trace of these bookings requests - so unable to confirm.

Consequently, when I was not able to confirm the guests could not book firmly & so I don't have any PIN to ask questions to booking Help support (apparetnly you need to give the PIN to be connected to the phone support).

Everything is funny about extranet - I am asked several times to sign in ...

Can you help, please?



Helena Molicova


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Mariia Erbes 1 year ago

Hi Helena Molicova!

All requests are located in Extranet - Reservations - Booking requests

In Pulse App it is not available yet.

Can you see it in your Extranet?