Unsure of position?

Hello all,

I am a freelance writer that has been contacted by a rental agency based in Europe to post their UK-based properties on booking.com. They have provided me with pictures, details, descriptions - they want me to write the text around the listing, and (my point of concern) to post the property on their behalf, at which point I will transfer the username & password of the account to them.

My question is, is such a practice legal?

Thanks in advance.

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fluff 4 years ago

Sounds highly suspicious to say the least.

Do you really want to put your name to whatever activities they may be shielding?

There is also the point that it does not matter what you write as a description on BDC, they will throw that away and use there own computerised/logorithmic/daft description instead.

Walk away or preferably run like a thing possessed, screaming in a hysterical banshee manner!