Vanishing Room

All of my rooms have been entered into the system, and all of them show up when I click on Room Details or Room Amenities, but one of my rooms isn't showing as an option in Rates and Availability. How can I fix this so I can input a price and have this room show as available to guests?

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fluff 4 years ago

If it is showing and saved correctly in extranet then you'll need the techies at BDC to fix it.

Have you tried simply logging out and back in to see if anything changes, i.e. appears as hoped or vanishes completely!

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2 years ago

It is dreadfull Booking. You have to check it once a week at least of all your saved is still there and not had vanished suddenly. I had it allready several times but Booking does not do anything about it. The only answer you will get: it is your own fault.