VAT percentage, City Tax amounts are wrongly listed.

I've just joined and already received 10 reservations within a week. So I'm happy enough with BDC!

Only I'm finding it very hard to navigate the site, especially the pricing.

In VAT and Taxes: the VAT rate is listed as 6% (based on 1 hotel in my village, only there are no hotels here...) whereas it should be 9% and a City Tax rate of 10% which is also wrong (should be a fixed amount pppn). How and where do I change these numbers?

Another struggle is finding where to add the 1-off cleaning charge. Reading through answers to other questions from partners, I see that it must be possible only I cannot find it anywhere. 

Similarly, I'd like to add a 1-off charge for bringing a dog ...


Any ideas? All help is welcome!


BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Lulu , I have seen similar topics on here and my ideas was:


Just incorporate it all into the nightly base rate. If you message the support or finance team about the vat and city rate and they can only set the vat rate, they will likely tell you to collect the city  tax pppn on arrival. Which to be fair is what usually happens.


I have seen it listed on plenty of search results on lastminute.com which is flights and accommodation listings from booking.com.


You could also use Property > view my descriptions, and edit fine print for those charges. 


As well as add a photo of a dog and put text on it stating the charges.

You can usually add the cleaning fee into the policies under property or if its not there try under the Facilities & Services section.


Kind Regards