verification procedure

I have a flat online, ID 9298807. Before it was managed from a friend, Mr. Saveski and Mr. Seller from the company "Beyond Living" in Gelsenkirchen.

Since i try to manage it on my own i have several problems! I hat do register several times and still have problems! You wand to verify me - why so complicated with a code???? I can send you my passport copy, ID copy, etc. Furthermore when i register on your site you send me codes - is that not enough? AND the advertisment is already online on Airbnb - and i have send you those details.

I would appreciate it VERY MUCH if we could finalize the verification process.

I have more flats to offer and i hope it will not always be that dramatic like now!

Other questions:

- Is booking.com connected with smoobu.com?

- How can i see the advertisment??? You say that my flat is online and bookable - but i cannot see it.

Waiting for your urgend answer.