wating someone to call me about to strat with booking,com

first time I have talk with one guy to start with booking.com and he said wait for someome who work about booking to callto me about economy (he said before  days but now more then  days) 

I want to start it up about my business  can you help me? 


BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Dalälvens Rum

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That sounds very strange as there is no one to one service provided. 


Of course you can phone the BdC support for general help with specific things in mind.


But you still need to start with and digest all the guides starting with:


Also recommend you apply for Payments by Booking, set to prepaid ; require phone number and address to book, and set up Rate Plan Non refundable, as a base rate.

Then setup a flexible rate plan derived fro mthe Non refundable Rate plan based on a percentage, where it costs more but gives option to be more flexible on cancellation policy.


Request Calendar List View Extended Fields hidden be all enabled.


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