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Where is the DELETE button for deliting 1 unit/room?

 I have made 2 w/o knowing it - so I want to delete the other one before anyone reserves...and this has talen hours for me now :/ I hope to get help <3 pheew... I feel a bit stupid, but I have read carefully and done tge instructuins.... I DO NOT SEE ANY DELETE BUTTON 

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Leandri Klopper 5 years ago

Hi there!

Welcome to the forum, thanks for posting.

Okay, can you maybe just clarify. Did you add a Room to your already existing property? Or did you add a property?

You can quickly go and close it on Calendar -> Open/Close rooms. So that no one books it.

Let me know then we take it from there.

Keep well!

Deon Keyser 4 years ago

I cannot find a delete button either.  IT DOES NOT EXIST!!!!

There is NO link between what the help pages have and what the website provides.

The help pages appear to be random ramblings....


Also:  cannot change description.

Cannot edit location (I have lived in this area for 25 years and all of a sudden I am in a neighborhood I have never heard of!