I would like to know how to remove the option of wifi and add limited internet as the place just support a small router with 30GB.

Thank you.


BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi João Silveira


When you say small router and 30Gb that sounds alot like a 3G/4G mobile hotspot with an allowance of 30Gb.


As 30Gb is tiny and really only suitable for a single person usage.


You should look to charge appropriately based on the cost to top it up , i.e. what the ISP is charging to add extra data allowance.


I'm also guessing you are only starting out or internet ISP options and competition is limited.


If possible plan to get a better dedicated service from the local ISP:

  •  LoS Based - Line of Sight antenna
  • xSDL - over phone line
  • FTTC - fibre to the cabinet [near by]
  • FTTH - fibre to the home
  • Microwave - PtP , Point to Point , similar to LoS
  • Satellite - another version of PtP



As for how to communicate this to potential guests:

  1. Add photo with text on top explaining it succinctly.
  2. Add it to Fine Print , appended.
  3. Add it to Message Template - New Reservations


Kind Regards