Wrong Address in AGODA Listing

We have the Te Aroha Motel

We are totally happy with Bookings.com however we are very unhappy with AGODA

They have our listing and it is on their site - THIS LISTING is supplied by you apparently

The address is wrong they have it listed in Tairua not Te Aroha

Presumably if it came from you it would have the same address u have (***)

Anyway we would like the address changed or to be taken off their site


Please advise when this is done ASAP


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Aaltje B. 4 years ago

Te Aroha ,

Please contact the team of BdotC and ask them how this is happening. 

I know of platforms who "borrow" your listing details to make a win for themselves.

Don't ask me how this works, but I think BDotC should not allow it. 


Hopefully you get this sorted by contacting the team in your country. 



Aaltje B.