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Wrong property details

I have just registered on booking ( 2 weeks ago) and I still can not manage anything. Waiting for some varification code

But I have some issues. My property was listed as "vacation home" which it isnt. It os an apartment od 65 m2 , with two bedrooms, living room , balcony....but it is still an apartment. Not vacation house

I dont know how to change it

And also made mistake with the name of my property . Too long. And I can not make any changes too

I am thinking even of erasing the whole profile :(

3 years ago

Hi! Thank you for your question. I would recommend you to look through this article and if you still have questions, please, write a comment here. 

Keep in mind that your verification code arrives via mail (not email) to the property address you’ve registered. Depending on your location, this can take up to 3 weeks to arrive.

Take care, you're almost there!