No feedback or approval to my property for 6+months!!

To whom it may concern,


Its been more than 6 months, I haven't got approval for my 2 properties, despite completing all in full.

Ive tried contacting partner service numerous times, and every time i get the same feedback that the problem will be solved! Ive been waiting more then 6 months its turned in to a joke. All im getting is a big fat phone bill to show for it.

Now ive checked again, and the system has asked for my email to send me a link, but even the email doesn't come to my inbox.


Booking, what is going on?? Has everyone left the company? Airbnb, expedia, agoda have all replied instantly and been very helpful in a matter of days. I cant believe the lack of support and service Booking is giving to its partners. It is torture to work with you guys.


Can someone, anyone that has any authority in the company help with this issue?? I am seriously giving up any hope.


Best Regards,


Sinan Hussein



BrookAve 3 years ago

Hi Sinan,

As this is a partner comminuty forum, we have no direct influence or ability to directly help on this type of matter.

At a minimum try contacting the new Partner Community manager on here to see if they can escalade this up the chain to the relevant person or dept.

BDC support do not monitor or respond to partner posts here .

It also sounds like there are diffeent issues, the seocnd being the possiblity of your email inbox not showing the activation email form BDC.


Please review your mailbox, junk or spam folder and white list BDC emails to prevent them getting removed or filtered into spam.


Kind Regards,