2+1 guests. What is the best way?

Hello everybody !

I`m a newcomer and need to help, please! I`ve got two questions. 

The first one. How can I set 2+1 guests on my apartment page on the best way.

My apartment has two basic places for two guests, and it has an additional place (0,8m x 2,0m on the sofa) for the third person, who can be an adult or a child, it`s the same. For the third person I`d like to take additional payment.

If I set 2 places & a child, booking.com does not show the apartment for 3 adults.

If I set 3 places & switch on a child accommodation, booking.com shows it as 3+1.

If I set 3 places & switch off a child accommodation, booking.com does`nt show it as 2+1.

So I`m afraid to loose guests in the any way. 

Please could you tell me how to set number of guests in my apartment on the right way?

The second question. The beds in my apartment are universal. So I can make either one king-size bed (with 1,8m x 2,0m topper) or two single beds. Could you tell me please, how to register the apartment as having both variants?


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pibomarco 4 years ago

1.) "+1" is not charged extra, that's included in the base rate. If you want to charge the third person, you'll have to put max occupancy to 3 adults. 

2.) This bed is called "Twin bed". 

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Isle of Wight … 4 years ago

If a bed is suitable for adults, I would set max occupancy for 3 adults. I would only use a children setting if some beds are not suitable for adults. I would also make it clear in the property descriptions that "This bed is not suitable for adults. The maximum occupancy of this property is X adults and Y children".