Adam's Peak season

 MY hotel in Maskeliya, just 13 km to Adam's Peak.Many sceneries here, waterfalls, tea fields to hike, lakes, tea factory visits,, train journeys, other than Adam's Peak.


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Laura, Communi… 5 years ago

Hi Hemantha,

Thanks for your post, it’s great to see you getting involved in the forum :)

Don’t forget, this space is all about sharing your expertise with others. Do you have any advice or questions for your fellow partners?

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Madhusharest 5 years ago

Well, the season of the Adam's peak begins with the full moon day of December of each month and ends full moon day of May.

the sea level of the starting point 1140 mt ; and the top of the summit ,( MSL )2240 mt;, There are about 5700 steps to climb from the begining to top . during the season warm clothes are essential. Most pilgrims start to climb early morning 2,00 am take 3/4 hours to reach to the top to see the sunrise and the shadow of the mountain .

If you stay in Maskeliya , many places to visit before your climb, waterfalls, tea fields to hike, Tea processing factories to see in day time and you can buy factory fresh tea at a very competitive rates.

Train is the good option those who start from Ella or Kandy/ Colombo. If you take train from Kandy sit on your right hand side seats and If you start from Ella, sit on your left side seats for best scenes.Advise to do not select night time trains Because when you reach to Hatton , no route buses and only hiring vehicles /tuk tuk .

If you come day time trains, . Just 05 minutes walk to bus stand from railway station.

travellers, you can ask any questions about your visit to Adam's Peak before you come , Better to know the real situation No matter your stay us or not, Madhusha rest willing to help to travellers.

Thank you