Anonymous Reviews

Having got through the summer pretty well this summer I still think that anonymous reviews are unfair to hosts especially during these unusual times with Covid.

As with all other hosts we have had to adapt our business to meet guidelines yet we still have had a handful of guests who saw fit to "anonymously" mark us down for things we would have usually been able to offer but were unable too due to the present crisis and although they were already made aware of this.

Surely it is our right as owners to be able to defend our decisions and business against this keyboard warriors??

Ban anonymous reviews and allow Partners their right to reply to these selfish people !!


BrookAve 3 years ago



One for the Community team to add to list

Sergei - Commu…
3 years ago

Hello Tony Clout! Great to see you in the Partner Community. I would like to quote what is said in the Help Article.

When a guest leaves a review, they can choose to:

  • use their own name

  • use a nickname

  • remain anonymous

An anonymous review is when a guest leaves a review without including any personal details.

We respect our customers’ right to privacy, so it’s important to give them this option. If a guest chooses to leave an anonymous review, it is also Booking.com’s responsibility to protect their privacy, so we’re not able to share any details about such guests.

All reviews on our website, including anonymous ones, are 100% verified. We check and make sure that every review is submitted by a genuine guest who booked and/or stayed at the property (unless their reservation is reported as a no-show).

If a guest submitted an anonymous review with commentsyou can reply to it through your extranet ‘Guest reviews’ tab.

When it comes to removing an anonymous review, the same guidelines apply as for any other review: we can only remove reviews in certain situations.